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scientific r&d and production

as science and technology are primary productive forces, haolisen has been adhering to the scientific development outlook, formulating new scientific research objectives and launching new products. haolisen adopts tps production mode to conduct manufacturing management, including visibility management, 8s onsite management, pdva continuous improvement, qcc activity, etc. to achieve timeliness, standardization and automation in the process of r&d and production.
e-coating paste/water-based spray paint base paste
automatic blending→continuous dispersion→series grinding→automatic conditioning→automatic canning
water-based paint assistant
automatic blending→continuous dispersion→automatic color matching→automatic canning
e-coating resin/water-based spray paint curing agent
curing agent synthesis reaction→resin addition reaction→resin neutralization reaction→continuous emulsification reaction→automatic conditioning→automatic canning 
all of haolisen's testing instruments and manufacturing equipment satisfy world-leading standards. a programmed automated control has been applied to various manufacturing links like burdening, mixing, synthesis, emulsion, grinding, temperature, pressure, speed, viscosity and time in the production system. 

scientific quality control
efforts will be made to establish standards conforming to the iatf quality management system of international first-class brand auto makers and first-class suppliers; roughly 80% of the basic, conventional and repeatable daily work must be conducted in a standardized, procedural, normalized and quantitative manner, and the requirements of ts quality management system must be adopted as the only code of conduct; the remaining 20% of extremely complicated and special and highly important and creative work must be implemented in a humanized, individualized and flexible way.


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