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ultra low temperature cathodic electrophoretic coating

wide application

due to plastics and rubber, the workpiece is not suitable for high temperature baking? haolisen ultra low temperature electrophoretic coatings can be applied on the composite workpiece of non-single metal in whole.

high film quality

large workpiece, uneasy baking and impact on color after baking haolisen ultra low temperature electrophoretic coatings reduce film discoloration due to baking and improves the film quality.

energy conservation and cost reduction

high baking temperature, large energy consumption and high costs haolisen ultra low temperature electrophoretic coatings can be used to reduce the baking temperature by 10% and save the energy by 60%.

low pollution and emission reduction

high temperature baking generates a lot of lampblack and pollution haolisen ultra low temperature electrophoretic coatings reduce waste emission and pollution and facilitates environmental protection and low voc emission.
haolisen ultra low temperature cathodic electrophoretic coating, as the most revolutionary ninth-generation electrophoretic coating independently developed by haolisen coating (shanghai) co., ltd through cooperation with german haosen chemical group, is free from lead, cadmium, chrome, mercury and other heavy metals, two-component and water dispersible resin and follows high quality features of previous generations of products, with good adaptability to galvanized steel sheets, oht-800 can almost apply to coating of all metal substrates, such as cold and hot rolled steel sheets, galvanized steel sheets, aluminum products, stainless steel sheets, rubber parts and zinc-aluminum alloy sheets.


  • r&d and future of haolisen ultra low temperature cathodic electrophoretic coatings

    the epoxy resin used by conventional electrophoretic coatings is characterized by strong cohesion, corrosion resistance and good chemical stability. the traditional epoxy electrophoretic coatings, with the curing temperature of 170—200℃, can no longer meet the requirements for environmental protection and low energy consumption and are restricted in terms of the use of electrophoretic coatings of heat sensitive materials, to meet the needs for low temperature curing in current market and the basic requirements for low temperature curing in the future market, haolisen has taken many improvement measures, broken through traditional curing technique through independent research & development and reached 120℃ full curing. main improvement modes: ① introduce unsaturated bonds to epoxy resin, because the unsaturated bonds can be cross-linked at a low temperature;
    ② develop low temperature curing cross-linking agents, so that the resin can be cured and cross-linked at a low temperature; consider the leveling property of the resin at this temperature;
    ③ promote curing by means of contact reaction between the resin and the substrate.
  • product features

    level, smooth and fine film appearance; good bath solution stability and adaptability to long replacement cycle; adaptability to cold and hot rolled steel sheets and galvanized substrates and strong shrinkage cavity resistance; high throwing power, good internal and external homogeneity and little film thickness difference; strong rust protection and good secondary adhesion after salt spray on workpiece; good film fullness and good substrate hiding power; excellent film leveling property and good binding force and matching with floating coat and finishing coat; ultra low curing temperature and full curing at 120-140℃. as an energy conservation and emission reduction project absolutely valued and supported by the national government, it can save about 60% energy consumption in the coating process and benefit the nationa, the people and the enterprises; particularly apply to the workpiece that cannot be baked at high temperature, especially the binders of rubber and metal as well as zinc-aluminum alloy materials, such as refrigerator and air conditioner compressors, automobile absorbers and all kinds of steel pieces.

main ingredients

  • 01
    matrix resin modified epoxy resin
  • 02
    curing agent modified low temperature curing agent
  • 03
    neutralizer organic acid
  • 04
    solvent alcohol ether
  • 05
    additives surfactant and shrinkage-proof agent
  • storage, packaging and transportation

    this product is a water-based paint, rather than dangerous product or inflammable and explosive material. to prevent direct sunlight and freezing (>5℃) during transportation, the product is packaged by 50/60/200/1000l plastic barrel, which shall be kept clean during transportation and storage so as to avoid carrying the dirt on the barrel during feeding. in case of package damage, the quality of the product in the package shall be re-checked and confirmed. the color paste, emulsion and additives shall be stored in a dry and well-ventilated room, and prevented from freezing and heating. the storage temperature shall be maintained at 5-35℃. if beyond the storage life from the date of production, the product shall be tested to determine if it is effective for use.


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