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haolisen primer topcoat electrophoretic coatings

high quality and high efficient

whether aging resistance is achieved simultaneously with keeping salt spray? haolisen primer topcoat electrophoretic coatings achieve harmony and unity in terms of aging and salt spray.

convenient and cost-reducing

complex process, inconvenient operation and high cost? the process of haolisen primer topcoat electrophoretic coatings provides primer performance and topcoat aging-resistant performance.
primer topcoat cathodic electrophoretic epoxy acrylate coating, as the eighth-generation electrophoretic coating independently developed by haolisen coating (shanghai) co., ltd through cooperation with german haosen chemical group, is free from lead, cadmium, chrome, mercury and other heavy metals, two-component and water dispersible resin and follows high quality features of previous generations of products, with good adaptability to galvanized steel sheets, it can almost apply to coating of all metal substrates, such as cold and hot rolled steel sheets, galvanized steel sheets, aluminum products, stainless steel sheets, rubber parts and zinc-aluminum alloy sheets.

haolisen primer topcoat electrophoretic coatings

the medium-thickness cathode electrophoretic paint, when used as the film primer for automobiles, has certain corrosion resistance. however, with rapid development of the automobile industry, the chassis and other black automotive parts further require improvement of the aging characteristic based on original salt spray performance requirements, so that the cathode electrophoretic paint has the primer performance and topcoat aging-resistant performance, so as to meet the needs for coating optimization process and cost saving. therefore, more and more primer topcoat products will be used in the future to meet the future market needs. in the future, four "high-performance, high-function, high cost performance and energy-saving and low-pollution" center products of haolisen will lead the transformation of high-grade, precision and advanced concept of industrial coating. in particular, energy-saving, low-temperature and low-pollution products have been beyond all industrial standards, made contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction of industrial coating and benefited the nationa, the people and the enterprises.
  • product features

    level, smooth and fine film appearance; good bath solution stability and adaptability to long replacement cycle; strong shrinkage cavity resistance and strong bath solution anti-pollution capacity; good weather resistance and adaptability to primer topcoat coating; strong rust protection and good salt spray resistance at the edge; high throwing power, good internal and external homogeneity; good film fullness and good substrate hiding power; good weathering resistance and applicability to automotive chassis, auto parts, two-wheeled electric motorcycles,three--wheeled electric motorcycles and all kinds of steel pieces.

main ingredients

  • 01
    matrix resin acrylate modified epoxy resin
  • 02
    curing agent fully blocked polyisocyanate
  • 03
    neutralizer organic acid
  • 04
    solvent alcohol ether
  • 05
    additives surfactant and shrinkage-proof agent
  • storage, packaging and transportation

    this product is a water-based paint, rather than dangerous product or inflammable and explosive material. to prevent direct sunlight and freezing (>5℃) during transportation, the product is packaged by 50/60/200/1000l plastic barrel, which shall be kept clean during transportation and storage so as to avoid carrying the dirt on the barrel during feeding. in case of package damage, the quality of the product in the package shall be re-checked and confirmed. the color paste, emulsion and additives shall be stored in a dry and well-ventilated room, and prevented from freezing and heating. the storage temperature shall be maintained at 5-35℃. if beyond the storage life from the date of production, the product shall be tested to determine if it is effective for use.


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