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electric bicycle, bicycle, motorcycle solutions

china is a great power of production and use of motorcycles and electric vehicles, and durable transport vehicles with high performance and bright appearance are widely welcomed by consumers; to improve the quality of motorcycles and electric vehicles, the electrophoretic coating and waterborne painting are increasingly applied to surface coating of transport vehicles, bringing automotive coating performance and appearance. as one of famous brand manufacturers of electrophoretic coating and waterborne top coat in china's transport vehicle industry, haolisen can fully provide the waterborne paints for various famous brand vehicle plants after many years of constant r&d innovation and product upgrade.

electric bicycle, bicycle, motorcycle solutions

innovation of traffic vehicle frame and parts spraying process

innovation of traffic vehicle body spraying process

haolisen high performance waterborne painting

haolisen innovative comprehensive waterborne coating solutions initiate revolutionary waterborne coating "wet-on-wet" process
  • benefits brought by transformation

    reduced baking·improved efficiency thin film·excellent performance
    overall coating·uniform cavity reduced consumption· high utilization rate
    high automation · labor saving waterborne carrier· environmental protection
  • what do revolutionary
    transformation bring to use?

    equipment simplified by 50% and greatly reduced investment
    production efficiency improved by 40%
    automation degree improved by 30%, labor cost decrease
    curing energy consumption reduced by 80%, greatly saving energy
    raw material cost greatly reduced

haolisen customer service in electric bicycle, bicycle, motorcycle industry

guided by the cooperation concept of "over-value service, mutual benefit and win-win, continuous development and strategic cooperation", hls has established strategic partnership with many domestic and foreign enterprises on the basis of mutual trust, mutual respect and mutual benefit with customers.


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