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heavy machinery industry solutions

the waterborne coatings, with low voc content and small harm to environment and human, have experienced rapid development with continuous strengthening of environmental protection awareness and increasing improvement of environmental protection laws. in recent years, china's heavy machinery industry has undergone swift and violent development. to improve the product competitiveness, the heavy machinery manufacturers are no longer content to product internal quality and performance as well as the coatings with good corrosion resistance and appearance quality and also develop towards energy-saving, environmentally friendly and low-carbon coating technology application, such as waterborne coating and powder coating. however, the power coating cannot be applied in the heavy machinery with complex structure currently, so the waterborne coating is preferred. haolisen, in line with the attitude of highly responsible for the society, makes huge investment in the environmental protection work and customizes the waterborne coating solutions for the heavy machinery industry.

coating development bottlenecks of engineering machinery, agricultural machinery and other heavy machinery

according to the characteristics of heavy machinery parts,
we will introduce the solutions and related products
provided by haolisen by the following category


  • the complete machine repair or coating process of
    engineering machinery shall be determined according to
    specific conditions. large heavy machinery manufacturers
    achieve the parts top coating and complete machine local repair
    coating process by continuously improving the
    assembly and debugging level.

haolisen customer service in casting industry

guided by the cooperation concept of "over-value service, mutual benefit and win-win, continuous development and strategic cooperation", hls has established strategic partnership with many domestic and foreign enterprises on the basis of mutual trust, mutual respect and mutual benefit with customers.


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