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elevator industry solutions

the coating is widely applied and the coating products are everywhere. while people are enjoying the aesthetic feeling brought by coating, the waste gas, wastewater and waste residue generated from coating also pollute the earthly environment what we need to live by. there are more components to be coated in the elevator products and the area of the coating components is large, so many coatings are used and accordingly, much by-product waste gas, wastewater and waste residue are generated from coating. various countries in the world are striving to reduce waste emission, protect environment and achieve environmentally friendly coating. haolisen, in line with the attitude of highly responsible for the society, makes huge investment in the environmental protection work and customizes the waterborne coating solutions for the elevator industry.

innovation of elevator industry solutions

  • product features

    level, smooth and fine film appearance and high and even gloss; good bath solution stability and adaptability to long replacement cycle; adaptability to cold and hot rolled steel sheets and galvanized substrates and good shrinkage cavity resistance; extremely strong rust protection and excellent salt spray resistance at the workpiece edge; good film fullness and good substrate hiding power; excellent film leveling property and good binding force and matching with various kinds of molding powder and floating coat.

haolisen innovative comprehensive waterborne coating solutions

initiate revolutionary waterborne coating "wet-on-wet" process
  • benefits brought by transformation

    reduced baking·improved efficiency thin film·excellent performance
    reduced consumption· high utilization rate high automation · labor saving
    waterborne carrier· environmental protection
  • what do revolutionary
    transformation bring to use?

    equipment simplified by 50% and greatly reduced investment
    production efficiency improved by 40%
    automation degree improved by 30%, labor cost decrease
    curing energy consumption reduced by 80%, greatly saving energy
    raw material cost greatly reduced

haolisen customer service in elevator industry

guided by the cooperation concept of "over-value service, mutual benefit and win-win, continuous development and strategic cooperation", hls has established strategic partnership with many domestic and foreign enterprises on the basis of mutual trust, mutual respect and mutual benefit with customers.


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