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casting industry solutions

the castings include water treatment equipment castings, pipeline equipment castings, machine tool equipment castings and hardware tool castings. the coating of the castings directly affects the appearance quality, service life and market competitiveness. with the development of industry, the customers have increasing requirements for the casting surface treatment protection properties and appearance quality. the current coating process cannot meet mass production requirements and the problems such as insufficient corrosion resistance become the bottlenecks of casting industry development. due to various varieties and specifications, different parts shapes, wide differences in dimensions and unbalanced production, the castings are different from automobile, engineering machinery and electric products in terms of coating. though the coating is for the purpose of corrosion protection, decoration and product appearance quality improvement, the coating cannot be indiscriminately imitated due to different product processes and devices and different characteristics. haolisen, in line with the attitude of highly responsible for the society, makes huge investment in special research and development and customizes the waterborne coating solutions for the casting industry.

bottlenecks in casting industry coating

comparison between traditional powder coating process and e p coating process

in terms of process complexity, the electrophoretic coating saves many processes of draining and drying and greatly saves energy.
the overall coating after workpiece assembly is fully automatic, improving the overall efficiency.

electrophoretic coating advantages

haolisen provides you with colorful electrophoretic coatings

according to your needs,customize exclusive color scheme for you
  • classic red
    haolisen develops red electrophoretic coatings for drinking water pipelines
  • classic black
    haolisen provides you with black electrophoretic coating for various glossiness requirements
  • classic blue
    haolisen develops blue drinking water pipeline electrophoretic coatings for itt company

haolisen customer service in casting industry

factory field
shiyan dongfeng investment casting dongfeng heavy truck castings
yantai shougang yantai gm and volvo heavy truck castings
shanghai accessen heat exchanger castings and pipeline components
shanghai kaiquan water pump castings (put into production in 2014)


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